A flight attendant, a retired pilot and a luchador must find a missing marine biologist to save the world from a “proverbial” apocalypse - that is, IF YOU CAN HELP THEM DO IT!

Welcome to Adventure in Atacama, an audio game where you decide what happens to our heroes!

Episode 0: Start the Game

New to Adventure in Atacama? Start your adventure here!

Episode 1: Turbulence

A man appears on Mariela’s plane… and he’s wearing aviator glasses?

Episode 2: Cabin Crew

Mariela and Fernando knock on trouble’s door.

Episode 3: Cabin Secure

This is Mariela Pérez Treviño's life… until now.

Episode 4: Duty Free

There is nothing better than waiting for the end of the world with good company and good food!

Episode 5: I've Seen This Movie Already

Is that… a corpse?

Episode 6: Action Movie Plane Crash

Mariela and Fernando find mysterious maps at Veronica’s apartment.

Episode 7: Flight Control

Mariela gets interested in politics.

Episode 8: Cabin Pressure

A conversation changes Mariela’s itinerary… forever.

Episode 9: Brace For Impact

Mariela and Lucho sunbathe and…Oh my, are they taking a dip?

Episode 10: Bathroom Occupied

Happy hour is never a bad idea!

Episode 11: The Gilligan Lifeboat

Mariela and Fernando approach an island.

Episode 12: Chicken or Fish

Knives are for food, Mariela.

Episode 13: Jetlag

A flamboyant academic takes his time.

Episode 14: Evacuation Procedure

Flying is just a dream - unless Fernando owns a plane named El Tucán!

Episode 15: Neck Pain

Time for a blast from the past, Mariela.

Episode 16: Cross-Check

Fernando meets someone that can help him navigate the depths of the ocean.

Episode 17: Airplane Cold

Mariela and Fernando find a picture of an explosion.

Episode 18: Airplane Radar

Our heroes find a lighthouse that casts a very peculiar light.

Episode 19: Thanks For Flying With Us

Our heroes make a quick stop in Perú.

Episode 20: Clear Skies With A Chance For Rain

A ship, a helicopter and two Fernandos meet and…

Episode 21: Clap When You Land

Mariela is a very special flight attendant indeed.

Episode 22: Cabin Control

Lucho and Fernando make an emergency move.

Episode 23: Hand Luggage

Time to face yet another mysterious character.

Episode 24: Oxygen Mask

Mariela and Fernando run for help as responsible citizens.

Episode 25 :The Footrest Thingy

Mariela finds her true passion!

Episode 26: Airplane Mode

Mariela gets a free tour.

Episode 27: Lost Luggage

Mariela and Lucho speak many languages. Fluently.

Episode 28: The Aisle Lights

Mariela and Fernando find plastic in the ocean.

Episode 29: Itinerary

Mariela, Fernando and Lucho open their hearts in front of the camera.

Episode 30: This Is Your Captain Speaking

Mariela listens to a chilling voice message.

Episode 31: No Baggage

Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Episode 32: Unidentified Object

Mariela and Lucho fight back to back.

Episode 33: Lack of Legroom

Mariela and Fernando receive a very special offer - and they also find a safe!

Episode 34: All Passports

Mariela and Lucho have a million dollar business idea.

Episode 35: This Is A Smoke-Free Plane

Fernando finds a new way to express himself.

Episode 36: Fasten Your Seatbelt

Our heroes traverse Mexico City… slowly.

Episode 37: Refundable Ticket

Mariela is an ordinary flight attendant.

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